Meetup January 8th, 2020

Adam Schwartz - Emacs and the joy of text editing

Let’s explore text editing as a tool for thought as we examine the way of EMACS. This talk covers the history of text editors as well as what sets it apart from commercial software and IDEs.

Adam Schwartz is a Software Engineer at Diagnotes and a recent graduate from Earlham College, where he studied ceramics, philosophy, and computer science.

Meetup November 13th, 2019

Ashlee Boyer - A Disabled Dev’s Journey

Every company wants to be first to market, but that’s only one part of a product’s success. Companies often consider accessibility too time-consuming or difficult to put into place without remembering that meeting customer needs is what keeps them in the market. This talk will cover my experience advocating for accessibility as a disabled developer and why there’s no excuse for treating it as an edge case. We’ll also walk through some technical examples and have a little time for small discussion at the end.

Ashlee is a Software Engineer at Sigstr who spends a lot of time with web accessibility. She has been hard-of-hearing since birth and has worn hearing aids for several years. She shares her experiences as a disabled developer through public speaking and blog writing with the hope that educating others will lead to a more accessible world. If she’s not at her computer, she’s probably working on one of her (many) knitting projects, walking her dogs, or re-watching Grey’s Anatomy yet again.