Meetup November 8th, 2017

Daniel Carpenter - Let’s Do Some (Data) Science in Ruby

When faced with a data science problem, most people reach for Python or R but there is a growing ecosystem of data science tools for Ruby. Daniel briefly discusses what data science is, how it is similar and different from software engineering, and gives an introduction to some of the tools available to Rubyists.

Daniel Carpenter is a software engineer and data scientist with special interest in health technology. He works for Omada Health, a San Francisco based digital health company offering online health coaching for pre-diabetes. He’s been a software engineer for about 8 years and Rubyist for about 6 years.

Kyle Shipley - Webpacker Basics for a Scalable Frontend

Rails has had a pathological aversion to frontend JavaScript frameworks for years, but no more! Learn about Webpack, the module bundling technology that’s taken the JavaScript world by storm – at least for a week or two – and how you can incorporate it seamlessly into your Rails application.

Who is Kyle Shipley? He’s the co-founder of Woven, exploring better ways to hire software engineers. He’s been fighting modern JavaScript frameworks since Backbone in 2011 and actually started enjoying them in 2014 with React.

Meetup September 13, 2017

Lightning Panel!


  • What is important to me when looking for a job?
  • What is important to me when looking to hire?
  • What code lesson could you have learned early in your career that would’ve saved you a ton of pain?
  • What gem do you keep returning to, time and time again? i.e. a long-lived, super useful, under-the-radar thing.
  • What is your favorite non-standard pattern to apply to a Rails project?
  • When do you open source your code? How do you keep up with managing it?


Steve Hodges

Steve is a full-time rubyist and director of technology at Localstake, an Indy-based financial startup. He’s written web apps since 1999, switching to primarily working in Ruby on Rails work in 2011.

Clayton Parker

Clayton is the DevOps wizard at Octiv, where he got his professional start in Ruby. When he’s not hacking away in Vim, you’ll find him on the soccer field or drinking a craft beer somewhere around town.

Andrew Robinson III

Andrew is the head of product and engineering at Lessonly. He started out doing Net and Java (even some COBOL back in the high school days)… but found the light around 2011 which is when he found RoR. He loves engineering, but recently his passions have been split between engineering, design, product, and servant leadership.

Anna Carey

Anna is a Team Lead/Senior Developer for MOBI and has been programming in Ruby since 2007. She likes DevOps and performance work far more than UI. Before that, she wrote java for the NCAA. She has two adorable goofball daughters that are 1 and 5.

Tony Drake

A senior web developer with about 10 years (most of it in Ruby) of total experience building web sites professionally. By day, he curses DHH’s name while hacking away at code and trying to keep junior devs from scraping their knees. By night, he’s peeling away from the starting line while blowing up other vehicles in his way in Mario Kart.