Meetup June 13th, 2018

Tony Drake - What to Expect when you are Expecting (to Parse a CSV)

Battle-worn advice on parsing, processing, and writing CSV files in Ruby, especially from questionable sources.

Who is Tony Drake? Tony is currently a senior developer with 10 years of professional development experience (8 of those with Ruby). He enjoys working in development teams of all sizes and helping junior developers level up. When he’s not hacking away or being a part-time DevOp, you can find him online kicking butt in Mario Kart.

Meetup June 13th, 2018

Chris Flack - Strong Parameters (& other fun party conversations)

Ruby Jam by Chris Flack:

With some inspiration from Stephen’s params talk last month, Chris talks little about some useful tricks and dangerous pitfalls I’ve learned from working with Rails’ Strong Parameters protections.

Chris is an Associate Software Developer at MOBI. He started in tech working as a Genius for Apple, and he still has a big head about that title. He wandered around for a few years as an IT generalist before attending The Iron Yard and starting a career in coding.

Away from work, he’s an avid reader, home-brewer, and gamer. He has a degree from Ball State in religious studies and counseling psychology. And he thinks all of that is a lot more relevant to software development than it might sound.

Fishbowl Panel on Mentoring Engineers

Panelists (in order of first appearance in a chair):