Meetup February 14th, 2018

Stephen Freund - A Brief Tour of Shoes (That Ruby GUI Framework)

Stephen Freund gives an overview of the Shoes Ruby GUI framework.

Stephen is a data engineer at Springbuk. He loves Ruby and has been professionally using it for around 2 years.

Bradley Schaefer - Metaprogramming with super powers

Metaprogramming in Ruby gets a bad rap, yet Rails itself is chock-full of metaprogramming. So what is it that separates good metaprogramming from bad?

Here we will take a look at some of the problems people encounter when they attempt to wield it themselves, and approaches that can make your own metaprogramming code feel as magical as it feels in Rails.

Bradley has lived in six different states but has finally settled into Cleveland, Ohio as his base of operations. He’s a lead engineer working remotely for Stitch Fix in San Francisco and will probably talk your ear off about the benefits of the remote life if you give him a chance. He’s been a contributor to RSpec on the RSpec core team and wishes he had more time to spend on OSS. You can connect with him on Twitter as @soulcutter