Meetup May 9, 2012

Joel Meador - Ruby News Global & Local

Video (10m : 54s)

Alex Conner - Why does Rails not run callbacks on nested_attributes?

Alex demonstrates a Rails gotcha

Chris Achard - RubyMotion

Chris gives us an overview and his impressions of RubyMotion, a product that attempts to make iOS development more accessible to Ruby developers.


Christopher Sansone - Rails + Ember.JS in 7 Minutes

Christopher shows us EmberJS and how it fits into a Rails project


Meetup April 11, 2012

Matt Swanson - Anatomy of a Weekend Project

Matt Swanson shares how to manage a weekend project without getting overwhelmed or abandoning it


Matt Brown - 5 Brains, 2 solutions: An Experiment in Problem Solving

Matt Brown walks through a programming exercise his team found on Google’s Code Jam, and shows how different team members solved the same problem

Google Code Jam / Code

Garrett Honeycutt - Expanded Introduction to Puppet

Garrett Honeycutt gives a detailed talk about using Puppet for configuration management of your infrastructure

Puppet Labs