Meetup June 13th, 2018

Chris Flack - Strong Parameters (& other fun party conversations)

Ruby Jam by Chris Flack:

With some inspiration from Stephen’s params talk last month, Chris talks little about some useful tricks and dangerous pitfalls I’ve learned from working with Rails’ Strong Parameters protections.

Chris is an Associate Software Developer at MOBI. He started in tech working as a Genius for Apple, and he still has a big head about that title. He wandered around for a few years as an IT generalist before attending The Iron Yard and starting a career in coding.

Away from work, he’s an avid reader, home-brewer, and gamer. He has a degree from Ball State in religious studies and counseling psychology. And he thinks all of that is a lot more relevant to software development than it might sound.

Fishbowl Panel on Mentoring Engineers

Panelists (in order of first appearance in a chair):

Meetup May 9th, 2018

Stephen Freund - Dispelling The Magic of the Params Variable

Active Record makes interfacing with the database in a Rails app easy and clean, but it can cause headaches when working with a lot of data. I will walk through how to effectively use Rails to Create, Read, Update, and Destroy Mb or Gb of data, as well as what might be causing the headaches in the first place.

Stephen Freund is a data engineer at Springbuk. His primary focus for the last ~1 year has been normalizing and importing healthcare data for use in the Springbuk app. Besides writing Ruby, he enjoys running, reading, watching football, and debating the merits of Star Wars vs Star Trek.