Meetup May 8th, 2019

Dan Carpenter - Machine Learning: An Introduction for Engineers

Machine learning and software development certainly have some overlapping concerns but have different development processes and each require their own skillsets. It can be difficult to know where to start. This talk will discuss the types of problems that machine learning can solve and how to get started. Some introductory models will be discussed with examples in Ruby.

Daniel is a software engineer and data scientist with special interest in health technology. He works for Springbuk, an Indy-based health intelligence platform. He’s been a software engineer for about 10 years and Rubyist for about 8 years.

Meetup April 10th, 2019

Davey Strus & Dana Palazzo - Remote Pairing: Tools and Practices

The benefits of pair programming are well-documented—and accessible to even remote workers. In our workshop, we’ll discuss tips, best practices, and tools we’ve used to pair efficiently, constructively, and enjoyably when working from different cities. This workshop is for any kind of developer—new, senior, or just curious!

Davey is a partner and co-founder at Fretless, a web and mobile consultancy. He has taught numerous front-end and full-stack coding bootcamps and is known to sing the blues from time to time.

Dana is a web and mobile app developer at Fretless. She completed an immersive full-stack program through General Assembly after changing careers. Dana is one of the organizers of Hoosier Women in Tech, a member of the board of the Indiana University Credit Union, and Secretary of the Board of Public Works for the City of Bloomington. When she’s not coding or serving on a board, she’s usually cooking food or talking about it.