Meetup March 14th, 2018

Wes Winham - Pen Testing The Developer Interview: Attacks that ace tech interviews and defenses that build better teams

The developer hiring process is vulnerable. Let’s attack it!

We’ll draw on the pen testers toolkit and lessons learned the hard way across my decade of startup hiring. We’ll break down the typical developer interview process. Then, we’ll use the lens of social engineering and cognitive bias to identify specific tactics for acing interviews. Finally, we’ll defend our interviews to make them better at predicting team success.

Attendees will leave armed with both a) tools to be a more effective interviewer and b) tools to presents their best self as a candidate.

Wes spent the last 10 years responsible for engineering at an Indianapolis SaaS startup called PolicyStat. Through building that product team from scratch, he learned (the hard way) a lot about hiring. He discovered that’s it is deceptively difficult. After selling PolicyStat last year, Wes started a SaaS company called Woven to fix developer hiring.

Tony Drake - Rolling your own Ruby package

There may come a time when rbenv, rvm, or cruby won’t cut it for your use case. Sometimes you need or want a current-day Ruby version installed on the system level but most Linux distros provide really out of date Rubies. To get what you want, you need to roll your own Ruby. Creating OS packages may sound scary, but in reality they are easy once you have a build system setup. I currently maintain a small set of servers for my side projects and have used my own self-built package of Ruby for quite a while now.

Who is Tony Drake? Tony is a senior web developer with about 10 years (most of it in Ruby) of total experience building websites professionally. By day, he curses DHH’s name while hacking away at code and trying to keep junior devs from scraping their knees. By night, he’s peeling away from the starting line while blowing up other vehicles in my way in Mario Kart.

Meetup February 14th, 2018

Stephen Freund - A Brief Tour of Shoes (That Ruby GUI Framework)

Stephen Freund gives an overview of the Shoes Ruby GUI framework.

Stephen is a data engineer at Springbuk. He loves Ruby and has been professionally using it for around 2 years.

Bradley Schaefer - Metaprogramming with super powers

Metaprogramming in Ruby gets a bad rap, yet Rails itself is chock-full of metaprogramming. So what is it that separates good metaprogramming from bad?

Here we will take a look at some of the problems people encounter when they attempt to wield it themselves, and approaches that can make your own metaprogramming code feel as magical as it feels in Rails.

Bradley has lived in six different states but has finally settled into Cleveland, Ohio as his base of operations. He’s a lead engineer working remotely for Stitch Fix in San Francisco and will probably talk your ear off about the benefits of the remote life if you give him a chance. He’s been a contributor to RSpec on the RSpec core team and wishes he had more time to spend on OSS. You can connect with him on Twitter as @soulcutter